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Carrot Burfi Recipe - Gajar Ki Burfi

Method for making carrot barfi, prepared by cooking grated carrots in milk, is same to that of making carrot halwa. Just cook for more time and set. हिन्दी में पढिये : Carrot Burfi Recipe - Gajar Ki

Shivratri Vrat Recipes

You are directed to follow strict fruit based diet during fasts like in Shivratri( Shivratri Vrat ). You can prepare following food items for the occasions like these. इस पोस्ट को हिन्दी में पढिये -

Pumpkin Barfi Recipe Kaddu ki Barfi Recipe

There are many recipes we had earlier made from Pumpkin (Kaddu). Today we will make Burfi with Pumpkin- Kaddu Ki Burfi. We can eat Kaddu Burfi in Navratra Fast ( Navratri Var Recipes ) or any other

Gajar Ki Kheer Recipe - Carrot Sweet Pudding

You can prepare Gajar Kheer (Carrot Pudding) with rice too, but the real taste of this kheer is without rice. Let’s prepare Gajar ki Kheer. Ingredients for Gajar ki Kheer Red Carrot – 500 Gms. Milk

Besan Barfi Recipe

No festival or any special occasion id complete without sweets. Use gram flour (besan), ghee, dry mawa and sugar for making instant and yummy besan barfi. Ingredients for Besan ki Barfi Gram flour

Moong Dal Barfi Recipe

Moong dal barfi is prepared with moong dal atta and soaked moong dal pitti. Barfi prepared with Mawa and moong dal pitti can be prepared on any festival or special occasion. हिन्दी में पढिये : Moong

Aloo Gajar Sabzi - Potato and Carrot Recipe

No one likes to eat the potato recipe daily. Do you eat carrot and potato recipe? Let's today we prepare the Potato and carrot recipe. Ingredients to (Aloo Gajar Sabzi) Potato and Carrot Recipe

Gajar Kanji

Gajar Kanji is a refreshing drink. It is very popular in Northern India. The drink is very tasty and aids digestion. Try this recipe and tell me, how it was. Ingredients for Gajar Kanji Carrot

Coconut Sweets Recipe - Nariyal Barfi Recipe

There are many types of nariyal burfis. This burfi is very delicious. You can prepare this sweet on any festival and enjoy the home cooked sweet. This sweet can be stored in the refrigerator for 15

Lauki Burfi/Bottle Gourd Burfi Recipe

Ghiya Ki Burfee or Lauki ki Lauj can be prepared on festivals or eaten as a fruit diet on fasts. It is very easy to make, this fibrous and nutritious Lauki ki Burfi can be made for Diwali, your

Navratri Recipes – Navratri Food – Navratri Special

We keep 9 days fast during Navratri and eat only after the sunset. One has to eat only vegetarian food during Navratri and that to without onion and garlic. इस रेसिपी जो हिन्दी में पढिये - Navratri

Besan Coconut Barfi Recipe

Barfi prepared with besan (gram flour) coconut has very enticing taste. This sweet dish can be prepared for any occasion or anytime you feel like eating something sweet. हिन्दी में पढिये : Besan

Chocolate Barfi Recipe

Indian chocolate barfi made with mawa and chocolate has a different taste from chocolate barfi made with Indian milk. This barfi is liked by kids a lot and even you will enjoy eating it. हिन्दी में

Til Atta Barfi Recipe

Everyone relish eating dishes prepared with sesame seeds, especially during winters. Often, sesame seeds is used to prepare sesame seeds ladoo, sesame seeds barfi, sesame seeds chikki and so on.

Til Peanuts Barfi Recipe

Sesame peanut barfi prepared with roasted sesame seed and peanuts is a special barfi prepared during winters. Scrumptious taste of this barfi will surely awaken your taste buds. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Gajar Halwa Recipe | carrots halwa recipe

Gajar (Carrot) is available in Winter season. Winters itself is a season of festivals and occasions. Lets make Gajar Halwa today for the guests who are about to visit your house to greet you.

Dhania Barfi Recipe

On the festive season of lord Krishna’s birthday .i.e. janmashtami, as per the rituals dhaniya panjiri or dhaniya barfi is usually made for the prasad. This barfi is made out of grinned coriander,

Mawa Barfi Recipe

Mawa is used in various different recipes. Mawa Barfi is also a delicious sweet recipe. It is very easy to make Mawa Barfi at home. Lets make Mawa Barfi today in dessert. इस रेसीपी को हिन्दी में
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Carrot Beetroot Soup - Gajar chukandar Soup

Everybody likes hot soup in the cold winter season. Let's make the Carrot Beetroot Soup today. Ingredients Carrot Beetroot Soup Beetroot – 1 medium size (cut into small pieces) Red leaf Cabbage – 1

Gajar Stuffed Paratha Recipe | Carrot Paratha Recipe

Everybody loves eating paranthas in breakfast and if these paranthas are prepared differently then flavor is enhanced. Paranthas prepared with carrots tastes very delicious. हिन्दी में पढिये : Gajar

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