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Bengali Sweets Recipe | Chhena Recipe in Hindi

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Chena Kheer Recipe - Channar Payesh Recipe

Chena kheer is a traditional recipe which is prepared by adding small Bengali rasgullas in thick saffron milk. You can prepare this mouth watering recipe for any special occasion. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Raskadam Recipe - Kheer Kadam Recipe - Khoya Kadam

Bengali sweet dish Raskadam is especially prepared on festivals. Here saffron flavored rasgulla, layered with soft mawa is coated with roasted paneer and coconut. This is also known as khoya kadam

Lavang Latika recipe

Lavang Latika is a traditional recipe of Bengal prepared especially on festivals. This tantalizing dish coated with sugar syrup and crusty from outside but stuffed with mawa and dry fruits and with a

Sandesh Recipe - How to Make Sandesh

Soft and traditional Bengali sweet dish prepared Sandesh prepared with fresh chena can be prepared with any flavor. Infact it can also be prepared with Saffron and cardamom only. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Rajbhog Recipe -Easy Rajbhog recipe

Rajbhog is prepared just like spongy rasgullas. The only difference here is that it is stuffed with few dry fruits and is bigger in size. We can make kesari rajbhog by mixing kesar (saffron) into it.

Bengali Chum Chum recipe | Cham-Cham Recipe

Chamcham is a traditional Bengali mithai. It is prepared with freshly prepared chena. After boiling Chamcham cool it completely and stuff it with your favorite filling. Chamcham is more delicious

Bengali Sponge Rasgulla Recipe

Bengali rasgullas are made from fresh chena with mixing ararot. They can also be made without mixing ararot. Rasgullas made with mixing ararot tend be less spongy but taste awesome. Rasgullas made

Ras Malai Recipe – RasMalai Recipe

Rasmalai is the most preferable sweet out of all the other Bengali sweets. If you wish to make any special dessert on Holi this year, then you can try making Rasmalai at home. It is not as difficult

How to make Chhena – How to make Paneer at home

Cottage cheese (paneer) is used to make various recipes and bengali sweets. Paneer to make recipes is easily available in the market, but the quality available cannot be used to make bengali sweets

Rasgulla Recipe

Bengali Rasgulla's name itself brings sweetness to the taste. However, it is little difficult to prepare this recipe. Today we will make Bengali Rasgulla. हिन्दी में पढिये : Rasgulla Recipe
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