Traditional Sweet Recipes
Traditional Sweet Recipes | Traditional Sweet Recipes in India

Khas Khas ka Halwa recipe

Halwa made with poppy seeds is nutritious and also provides warmness and strength. Khus khus halwa is given to new mother so that it provides strength and improves the health as well. Do prepare khus

Mawa Jalebi Recipe - Khoya Jalebi Recipe

Mawa jalebi is a special sweet dish for Madhya Pradesh where it is prepared in numerous ways. Try making this mouth drooling mawa jalebi at this diwali. हिन्दी में पढिये - Mawa Jalebi Recipe - Khoya

Bengali Chum Chum recipe | Cham-Cham Recipe

Chamcham is a traditional Bengali mithai. It is prepared with freshly prepared chena. After boiling Chamcham cool it completely and stuff it with your favorite filling. Chamcham is more delicious

Churros Recipe

Churros are a sweet crispy Mexican pakora. These are prepared instantly and taste awesome. Serve in morning or during supper or whenever you have guest arriving at your home. Serve them with tea,

Jam Doughnuts Recipe

Doughnuts are made with numerous ways but round, soft, cardamom and powdered sugar sprinkled and jam stuffed doughnuts are mouth drooling and awesome in taste. Use any flavored jam or jelly or

Panjiri Recipe for New Mothers

We make many dishes for a new mother so that her health remains fit and fine like Gond ladoo, haleem ladoo, Gond paag, makhana paag, coconut paag, harira and a special panjiri which is made of kamar

Besan Barfi Recipe

No festival or any special occasion id complete without sweets. Use gram flour (besan), ghee, dry mawa and sugar for making instant and yummy besan barfi. Ingredients for Besan ki Barfi Gram flour

Sugar coated Shakarpare Recipe

Shakarpare coated with sugar are very delicious, these can be prepared for any festival or occasion or any other time you want and have them whenever you crave for something time. हिन्दी में पढिये :

Sweet Boondi Recipe

You need a perforated spoon to make Boondi. The size of the spoon plays an important role in forming the size of the Boondi. Gram Flour is the next important ingredient to make boondi. Dry Boondi can

Sweet Murmura Recipe - Sweet Puffed Rice

We make bhelpuri and other namkeens from Puffed Rice. But kids also love to eat Sweet Puffed Rice. You can also spread the layer of sugar on Kheel also to make them crunchy. Kids are fond of sweets

Til Patti Recipe - Til Gur Patti Recipe

Jaggery is a rich source of iron and protein. You can try making Til (sesame) Patti in winters at home. I m sure your family members and kids will definitely like it. हिन्दी में पढिये : Til Patti

Til Gud Bati Recipe - Tilkut Gud Mawa Bati

Usually we prepare numerous food items using Makar Sankranti like til ladoo, til tikki recipe, tilkut and so on. You will surely like this til mawa bati recipe as well. हिन्दी में पढिये : Til Gud

Methi Laddu Recipe

Methi Ladoo is a traditional recipe which is more of a Ayurvedic medicine than a sweetmeat. This is given to mothers after they deliver the baby. It is also used as a cure for back or joint pains

Matthe Recipe

Matthe is a traditionally cooked recipe on festivals in west Uttar Pradesh. They seem similar to paranthas in terms of size. Crispy, soft Mattha fried on a low flame is prepare in 3 different flavors

Dhania Panjiri Prasad Recipe

Dhaniya Panjiri Prasad is eaten when one is on fast and is allowed to eat fruits. Normally, Panjiri is made from wheat flour so it is not taken as prasad but Panjiri is the first thing people eat to

Braj Makhan Recipe

Many types of butter(Makkhan) are known like Makhan Malai which is like thick froth, it by churning curd and traditional Braj Makhan is made by tying curd in a cloth. You can make Braj Makhan on

Sweet Fara/Sweet Pittha Recipe

You will definitely like the traditional taste of Sweet Fara/Sweet Pittha. So let us prepare it ourselves. While wheat flour, Suji, rice or these mixed together is required to make Namkeen Fara

Gulgule Pua Recipe Sweet Pua

"Gur khaye aur Gulgule se parhez?", you must have heard this proverb in Hindi but have you actually eaten Gulgule? Gulgule Pua or Sweet Pua Recipe is a very easy one. In western Uttar Pradesh this is

Meethi Mathari Recipe

You can prepare Meethi Mathri during the festival of Holi or any other festival. Meethi(Sweet) Mathris taste awesome when you eat them. Sweet Matrhi is also prepared for fasts during Karva Chauth .

Chandrakala/Chandrakala Gujhiya Recipe

Chandrakala is an important sweet meat made fir Holi just like Gujhiya. You can make this sweet meat for Holi and give it to your family and guests. It tastes awesome and you will feel like having it

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