Dal Recipe
Dal Recipe | dal recipe in hindi | Dal Fry Recipe in Hindi

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Arhar dal with Green mango

Arhar dal prepared with raw tarty mango is very different and scrumptious in taste. Raw mangoes are available in market before Holi festival. This tarty dal recipe can be prepared during this time.

Rajasthani Dal Dhokli Recipe

Dal Dhokali, prepared with spices and flour is a complete meal in itself. Dal Dhokali is prepared differently in Rajasthan and Gujarat. हिन्दी में पढिये : Rajasthani Dal Dhokli Recipe - Rajasthani

Moong Dal Kadi Recipe

You obviously must be liking Besan ki Kadi, Moong Dal /Chana Dal ki Kadi has a tastes entirely different than Besan ki Kadi. So today we will prepare Moong Dal ki Kadi. - Ingredients for Moong Dal

Turnip Chana Dal Curry Recipe

You get to see plenty of Turnips in the market as the cold sets in. Not only does turnip have medicinal properties, it also make a delicious curry. Turnip Chana Dal Curry is one of its best. हिन्दी

Sookhe Kale Channe recipe

Sookhe Kale Channe is prepared for Ashtami Pooja or Navratri Pooja, Sookhe Kale Channe, Suji Halwa and Puri are prepared as Prasad for the Poojas. Sookhe Kale Channe are very tasty to eat, are high

Masoor Dal/Whole Masoor Dal Recipe

Lentils(Dal) are an important source for proteins. If you make different lentils everyday then they will seem much more delicious. Whole Masoor Lentis is very tasty, so let us make it for tonight's

Moong Dal Stir Fry Recipe

Moong dal with Tari is very obviously tasty but dry Moong Dal is also very mouth watering. To try a different version of dal try making Dry Moong Dal. You can send Moong Dal Stir Fry in your kids

Rajsthani Dubki Kadhi or Pani Pakodi Recipe

Dubki Kadhi or Pani Pakodi prepared from Moong dal,Urad dal or Chana dal is a very delicious dish. Dubki Kadhi is mostly made in Rajasthan and Agra. When fresh vegetables are not available then Dal

Panchratan Dal Recipe

Panchratana Dal is a specialty of Rajasthan. It is also known as Panchmesha Dal or Panchmel Dal. This Panchratana Dal is made by mixing five varieties of Dal(pulses) in equal quantity. In Panchratna

Moong Dal Karara Recipe

Moong Dal Karara is commonly made in Rajasthan and Mathura region. You can make Moong Dal Karara when there is no other green vegetable available at your home. You can also eat the Dal Pakoris with

Sprouted Moong Dal Curry Recipe

Lentils(dal) are an important part of our daily food. If we make it differently everyday then it chages the taste of our food and tastes much better. Lentils are high on protein and carbohydrates,

Chaulai Saag with Moong Dal – Amaranth Leaves Lentil Curry

Vegetables with green leaves are very good for health. Chaulai or Amarnath means longevity. If you eat its leaves everyday with your food then it gives your body the vitamins it lacks to quite an

Palak Chana Dal – Spinach Split Pea Dal

Pulses are rich in proteins which is the main requirement of any human body. Pulses should be included in our everyday meal. It not only fulfills the protein requirement of our body but also makes

Chana Dal Recipe - Chickpea Lentils

Pulses are rich in protein and vitamins and can be digested easily. Chana (Chickpeas) in particular is used for a large variety of dishes. Let's make Chana Dal today. Ingredients for Chana Dal

Lobia Recipe, Black Eye Beans Curry Lobhia Recipe,

Pulses are the primary source of nutrition. It's even more in black eye beans. Black eye beans are even more beneficial for growing children. Let's make the Black Eye Beans Curry. Ingredients Lobia

Urad Chane Ki Dal - White Lentils and Chickpea preparation

In cold winter season, Urad chane Ki Dal tastes great with Missi Roti. Let's make the Urad Chane Ki Dal today. For 4 people, Time: 25 minutes हिन्दी में पढिये - Urad Chane Ki Dal - White Lentils and

Arhar Dal Recipe- How to Cook Arhar Dal

Dal (Pulses) are a common recipe made in homes on daily basis. They are rich in protein and Arhar Dal(lentil) is mostly found in Northern part of India, also known as Tuvar Dal or Toor Dal. We can

Moong Dal Palak Recipe

Moong Dal with Spinach is a very nutritious and healthy recipe. It no only makes the dal interesting, but also increases it nutritional value. Today we will make Moon dal with Spinach. इस रेसीपी को

Moong dal and Mooli Patte ki Bhujiya

Everyone loves to eat healthy and tasty food. This recipe that we are making today contains the nutritional properties of both moong dal and radish leaves. It is also very easy to cook this recipe.

Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani is a favorite dish of every Punjabi and is most popular in the regions of Punjab and Haryana. It is rich in protein content and also contains fiber. Let's make Dal Makhani in the lunch
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