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Sooji Dry Fruits Gujhiya Recipe- Rawa Karanji

Gujiya prepared with semolina and dry fruits tastes really scrumptious. These gujiyas have longer shelf life then other gujiyas. If mawa is not available, then making gujiyas with semolina is a

Dahi Bhalla Recipe - Dahi Vada Recipe

The most liked street food ofNorthern India, Dahi Vada/Dahi Bhalla or Dahi Pakori or Dahi Gujiya, is almost prepared on every festival or special occasions. Here's presenting you a detailed video on

Jaggery Adhirasam Recipe - Gur Anarsa Recipe

Anarsa is a sweet dish prepared in numerous styles and shape on many festivals like Holi, Diwali and so on. It known as Adhirasam in Southern India and in Himachal, Uttrakhand it is known as Anarsa.

Til Atta Laddu Recipe

Often, dishes with sesame seeds are prepared during winters. Ladoo prepared with sesame seeds and wheat flour taste scrumptious. These ladoos can be prepared very instantly and easily. हिन्दी में

Arbi Jhol Recipe

Arbi is prepared with numerous styles but arbi jhol prepared with fried lotus seeds is delicious to eat. This is usually liked in Brijbhumi .i.e. Agra and mathura. हिन्दी में पढिये : Arbi Jhol Recipe

Sooji Cheela Recipe - Veg Rawa Cheela

Sooji Cheela if prepared with paneer, vegetables and semolina taste more tempting then those prepared with gram flour, flour or dal. These can be packed in tiffin of kids. हिन्दी में पढिये : Sooji

Raw Banana Bharta Recipe - Kele ka bharta

We have prepared ample number of recipes using raw banana be it Kofta curry, tikka curry or banana chips. Today we will make raw banana bharta. हिन्दी में पढिये : Raw Banana Bharta Recipe - Kele ka

Milk Powder Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one of the most loved sweet dishes. Usually Gulab jamun are prepared with mawa but at few places mawa is not easily available, so gulab jamun can be prepared with milk powder. Gulab

Buknu Recipe - How to make Buknu Powder?

Buknu can be consumed as churan and also can be used as masala. It is very famous in Kanpur. This can be sprinkled on parantha, roti, chaat or can be added in dal or sabzi for enhancing taste. Along

Nagori Puri Recipe

Bedmi poori and nagori poori are one of the special pooris served for breakfast. Smaller in size, puffy nagori poori can be served with aloo masala sabzi and sooji halwa. Special biscuit flavor of

Boondi Ladoo Recipe

Boondi ladoo are the favorite of all and are prepared for any religious rituals or on any special occasion. हिन्दी में पढिये - Boondi Ladoo Recipe Ingredients for Boondi Ladoo Gram flour - 1 cup

Chandiya Recipe

Chandiya is usually prepared post any festival or in marriages after when the bride enters the house. Chandiya can be made when you want to make some special for your family which is not much sweet

Kaddu Poori Recipe - Red Pumpkin Poori Recipe

Pumpkin Poori can be salty as well as sweet. The salty pumpkin poori is as soft as a normal poori but tastes like a kachori. If you want to prepare special kind of poori on festivals and special

Sweet Cheela Recipe

Cheela is also known as the dosa of North India. It is sour as well as sweet in taste. Cheela is made with less oil and can be served as a good breakfast recipe. You can also pack cheela in your

Thopa Recipe

Thopa is a low- fat recipe that absorbs less oil. It is a traditional breakfast recipe of West Uttar Pradesh and regions around Rajasthan. So lets start preparing Thopa today and serve it to your

Mangodi ki Kadi Recipe

At times we get bored eating the same vegetables and lentils then one thinks of preparing Kadi. Mangodi ki Kadhi is very tasty and takes very less time to prepare. Today we will prepare Dal Mangodi

Besan wali Arbi Recipe

Arbi (Colocasia - Taro Root) curry tastes awesome with Puris and Paranthas, be it Arbi fry or Crispy Arbi with Gramflour/Besan wali Arbi. Every Arbi dish has its own distinct taste. Do prepare this

Matthe Recipe

Matthe is a traditionally cooked recipe on festivals in west Uttar Pradesh. They seem similar to paranthas in terms of size. Crispy, soft Mattha fried on a low flame is prepare in 3 different flavors

Masoor Dal/Whole Masoor Dal Recipe

Lentils(Dal) are an important source for proteins. If you make different lentils everyday then they will seem much more delicious. Whole Masoor Lentis is very tasty, so let us make it for tonight's

Khatta Mitha Mix Chivda/Khatta Meetha Mixture

Poha Chivda Namkeen is obviously tasty but Sweet Sour Mixed Chivda has much more range in taste. Even those who don't prefer spicy will like it a lot. Small kids eat Khatta Mitha Mix Chivda with much

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