Spices Powder
Spices Powder | Spices Powder in Hindi

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Salt | Rock Salt | Sendha Namak | Black Salt

Salt is substance which is crystalline in form and is used for seasoning or preserving food. It is found in almost every household. It not only adds taste but also nutritional value to your food . Be
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Pomegranate seeds- Anardana

  Pomegranate seeds Pomegranate seeds is obtained from Pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate is a yummy fruit and is filled with juice, its seeds are dried up and Anardana Masala is made. The

Rasam Powder Recipe - How to Make Rasam Powder

Southern India's special rasam powder is usually used for making rasam. It is very easily available in market but you can adjust the quantity of spices as per your taste or use more spices which are

Pav bhaji masala - Pav Bhaji masala powder

Pav bhaji masala is the most often used spice powder in pav bhaji and tawa pulao which are popular street foods of Mumbai. You can also use this for making regular tawa stir fried sabzi. हिन्दी में

Recipe Curry Powder

Fresh and green curry leaves are added in sabzi and dal for tempting flavor. You can even make powder from these fresh green curry leaves and store it. If you add this curry powder in any sabzi and

Buknu Recipe - How to make Buknu Powder?

Buknu can be consumed as churan and also can be used as masala. It is very famous in Kanpur. This can be sprinkled on parantha, roti, chaat or can be added in dal or sabzi for enhancing taste. Along

Curry Powder Recipe

Fresh green curry leaves are put while cooking lentils and curries to give them a good taste and fragrance. You can also make a powder of these curry leaves. Curry Powder is added to a curry, rice or

How to Make Tawa Masala powder

Tawa masala is while preparing stuffed vegetables, bitter gourd, lady finger, brinjal or Paneer Tawa Masala. It increases the flavour of Tawa Masala Vegetables, you can get it from the market but the

Chana Masala Powder Recipe

Channa Masala enhances the taste of Chole Recipe. You can easily find Channa Masala at the grocery stores in your locality, but you can try making at home only. Home made Chana Masala Powder

Sambar Masala Recipe

Sambar Masala might have been a major south Indian spice but due to its aroma and taste it has become famous all over the world. The Sambhar prepared with these spices can be had with Dosa, Idli or

Recipe for Chat Masala powder – Chat Masala Powder Recipe,

Everybody likes chat, but they are afraid to eat the market chat because it might not be hygienic. Even if we make chat at home, we still need the chat masala. Even though this chat masala is easily

How to make Garam Masala – Indian spice mix

Garam masala is available in the market, but many families still prepare it at home for purity and taste. Fresh garam masala tastes and smells better than the one bought from the market. Let's make
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