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In the market, you see shops stacked with rows of saris. Displayed behind the window are saris, stylishly draped around mannequins. You stop by to take a peep at the price tag. Yes, we all do that. After scrutinizing the beauty of the sari we take a look at its price. After all, money matters.
Every woman owns a mix of expensive and cheap saris. Some saris are reserved for home while some others for going out. Judging by the cloth and the design of a sari, you can judge whether its price is rocketing sky high or is touching ground bottom. Know some of the most expensive and the least expensive saris that you can get in the market.

Expensive Saris
Saris with intricate work and all over designs are the most expensive. Quality silk saris are famous for its heavy price tag. Handiwork, of course, raises a sari’s price.

If you are looking to spend lavishly, then you can get a sari anywhere from Rs. 10,000 to 20,000. (Some hand-woven saris, which take years to be made go even beyond that.) In this price range, you will get a heavy pallu covered with works of pearl, zari, embroidery, sequins work etc.sareeprice

One way to judge a sari’s price is to weigh it. Higher the price, more the weight. Before buying an expensive sari, make sure that you can carry its weight.

These saris need to be stored carefully too. Wrap them up in butter paper and keep them in a closed cardboard box. These saris are not to be worn everyday, so there is no use hanging them in your wardrobe.

Cheap Saris
Saving is a part of good housekeeping. When you see a 50% off board hanging in front of a shop, you instantly want to get inside and take a good look at what they are offering. In most markets, you can get cheap saris from Rs. 250 to Rs. 400.

Weekdays markets on the roadside are the best place to shop for these saris. Mostly, these saris will have a decorative palla and border. Avoid entering a showroom if you are looking to save money. You will rarely get a sari below Rs. 500 in a showroom.

Delhi’s Chandni Chowk is famous for its sari range. There you can get saris for as low a price as Rs. 200. If you can brave the congestion there, you should definitely visit it.

Value for Money
You want something unique and you have stretched your budget to Rs. 2,000. You go to a shop and look for the best that you can get in that amount. You get all types of designs and textures of sarees if you are willing to spend between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000.

Georgette, silk, crepe, net, cotton; decorative work on any of these saris will be available. Saris with prints, batik, leheriya, beads work, mirror work, sitara work etc. is what you will get. Value for Money saris are great office wear.

Sale Sale
You will mostly get saris on sale when a shop is trying to clear its old stock or if there are some minor defects in saris. In either case, the saris are in good condition. While buying saris on sale, always check them through so that you can be sure that there isn’t any major defect in it.

Buying saris on sale are a great way to save money and get good stuff in return. Some of us eagerly wait for a winter or a summer sale. Don’t we?



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